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 My team carries out a wide range of jobs, from major fabricating,  epoxy flooring, countertops and Art throughout any home or place of business. Experience A Timeless ArtistThe resin is temperature dependant while it cures so it is a critical challenge to control the flow of resin.

 By using heat and wind also things such as stress, toothpicks, propane torch and hair dryer it can help move the resin. These paintings continue to move for hours after the resin is applied. The final painting can’t be visualized until a day after starting the painting.We have a wide range of Abstract work along with scenic fine art. In 2009 we started incorporating resin as a medium and has done multiple new projects from imagining something and running with it. Geode rocks and crystals have been a huge role in the recent collection we have been working on.

 Stay tuned for showcases and exhibits we will be featured in. Working with epoxy resin is like trying to control something that will change regardless. Each painting is planned out before the pouring process.

 The process begins with the mixing of the resin and its catalyst; a chemical reaction ensues and time becomes an important dimension in each piece made. The paintings you see represents the summation of many layers of chemical reactions, all moving with their own velocity to a final polymerized end. Whatever project I take on, I guarantee the highest quality of work at reasonable prices, and always meet the deadlines I’ve committed to.

 As your trusted Home Remodeling Contractor, I’ll leave no stone unturned in order to make your dream project come true. Shall we get started together? Simply send me a quote request, and I’ll get down to measuring, planning, fixing and installing. If you have any questions, give me a call today.

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